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Paying Tribute to “Le Violon D’lngres” Sky Farrell Photographed by Dean Dodos (Inspired by Man Ray and Kiki)

My Actual F hole back tattoo I contemplated getting for years, Ive had it now for over a year and I'm finally revealing the iconic shot of it , , that myself and Dean Dodos tried painfully easily to recreate....The meanings of the f notes on the original man ray portrait has bee skeptisized and broken down into many logical meanings for the unsurreal brain to cling to as some sort of explanation... I thou tend to embody these F note outlines because i truly believe If i could be a beautiful instrument to be played forever Its DEFF RIGHT UP THERE WITH WANTING TO BE A BEAUTIFUL WOMEN ALL MY LIFE . Our Homage to Kiki and Man Ray-(Le VioSky Farrell) Captured by Dean Dodos 2011

Le Violon d'Ingres
“Le Violon d’ Ingres” Man Ray photo taken in 1924 of the naughty parisian muse Kiki De Montparnesse

“Fierce Fiorucci Forever”- For the love of Fiorucci (my homage collage)

Fierce Fiorucci Forever by Skyfarrell

" Fierce Fiorucci Forever" by Sky Farrell is a collage I created as a homage to some of my favorite retro Fiorucci ad campaigns. Below are some amazing pics of the iconic italian brands memorable era and trend defining advertising campaigns.

ART MUSIC SUCCESS – Benefit Show for Bronx Success Academy 1 @ Anonymous Gallery in NYC- Celebrating for a Great Cause

Posing with the piece I donated for the shows worthy cause, "Skylicious Presents Live at The Fillmore".


Maripol and I posing in front of her Iconic Images Piece in the show...

Maripol's array of captured magic moments with Icons, Legends, Heros, Artists, Dreamers, Believers... All Images can also be seen in her amazing book Maripolarama.

Gaia Hargo
Curtis Kulig


Helen DennisMicheal  Anderson
Mark Gonzales

Michael Defeo


hisham akirabharoocha and aviram cohen collaboration

Davide Zucco

Photo booth posing with Maripol the Originator!!! Click photo for more

Photo booth fun with Peter "Chile" Donin

ART MUSIC SUCCESS – A benefit for Bronx Success Academy 1. Presented by Anonymous Gallery (Join me in Supporting The Cause)

The Event and Charity Info are below JULY 25, 2012 / 7-11 PM2 Cooper Square ( Bowery and E. 4th street)Anonymous Gallery, Ascend Global Projects, and New York City’s creative community are honored to present SUCCESS, a high profile group art exhibition, auction, and fundraiser featuring some of today’s most prominent contemporary artists. The event will take place the evening of July 25th at 2 Cooper Square in New York City. Proceeds will benefit Success Academy Bronx 1.Participating artists include Michael Anderson, Donald Baechler, Kadar Brock, Michael DeFeo, Helen Dennis,Sky Farrell, Erik Foss, Eric Haze, Matt Jones, Curtis Kulig, Greg Lamarche, Chris Mendoza, Dennis Mcnett, Tom Otterness, Bill Saylor, Stefan Sagmeister, Shelter Serra, Peter Sutherland, Swoon, Chuck Webster, Dan Witz, Wendy White, Romon Kimin Yang, Davide Zucco, and many more. “We are honored to have the support of the creative community in raising awareness of the importance of improving access to high quality education options,” said Shaun Gordon, a founding member of the Board of Trustees of Success Academy Bronx 1.Success Academies are free, high-performing public charter schools serving students in New York City from Kindergarten through 6th grade. Success Academy schools are founded on a simple premise: All children can achieve success when they have access to a high-quality, free public education. Children enter Success Academies through a random lottery. Success Academy Bronx 1 opened in 2010 and currently serves Kindergarten through Second Grade. The school will add a grade annually until it serves Kindergarten through 8th Grade.Please join us July 25, 2012 from 7-11 pm for what will surely be a success! Advance tickets are available for purchase now for $100 at: Online Gallery will be posted at on July 19. Viewing at 2 Cooper is available starting July 24. Absentee bidding is available.For more press inquires, more information about available artwork, absentee bidding, tickets, and general information, please check out www.anonymousgallery



Skylicious Presents “Live at The Fillmore” (Homage Bill Graham’s 1970s concert posters)

“Pop Life” – Lichtenstein Logo Immortalized New Ink by Peter “Chile” Donin

Newsweek Magazine April 25 1966

My newest addition to my canvas, is from this April 1966 Newsweek Magazine featuring Roy Lichtenstein artwork and POP! logo... The issue was the birth of america recognizing the huge impact this art form (aptly coined POP) was having on our culture.




My tattoo extraordinaire Peter "Chile"Donin, responsible for most of my tattoos in the last 2 years. He is currently working at Daredevil Tattoo located in NYCs lower east side... Thanks Peter for the always flawless magic on my canvas.

“Jonesy’s Gypsy Guitar” By Skylicious

“Real Legends Never Die” Daks Tribute Mural @ Community 54, NYC

Daks and I got to commerate in paint (and take over a huge wall) this week for our friend the legend @ Community 54 in LES. Some of the highlights and special visitors who attended the magic happening are below... special thanks to maripol and ruthless jules for capturing some great moments

Photo by Ruthless Jules

Daks, Maripol, and I posing with his flavorful piece...

Celebrating with Community 54 team, cinik, ruthless jules,Courtney, Maripol and Kai.

Posing in front of my wall inside Community 54 captured by Maripol

Maripol and Daks in front of my walls at Community 54.

Photo booth fun at community 54 Maripol, daks, and i

Celebrating and Honoring Stay High 149 / the Voice of The Ghetto Memorial Service “Tribute to a Legend” (June 18th 2012)

Sky Farrell and Daks Collaboration - Tribute Collage Created for Stay High 149 Memorial, June 18th 2012..The Legend never dies.. R.I.P. Wayne Roberts, you are missed. Clink image for detailed view.


In loving memory of Wayne Roberts aka Stay High149

Much appreciation for the lovely words of gratitude, as part of the families thanks to those few out of many people who were a part of waynes, life,legacy, and true friends....

OG LEGENDS unite , Writers tribute tag piece at Stay High 149 memorial

OG LEGENDS unite , Writers tribute tag piece at memorial

Post memorial having a great meeting of minds ,with the legendary director and writer- Charlie Ahern, the man and mind behind 80s cult graffiti film (WILDSTYLE). MUCH RESPECT

Stay High 149 Book Introduction by Sky Farrell (unpublished and cut from book)

I remember reading this to Wayne in my place in NYC and watching his reaction, his gleam with happiness (even tear up a little, dare i say) at the way I believed in him and never gave up on our, mission to tell the world why he is and will always be- the originator non greater..I love knowing that it finally clearly made sense to him, why I choose to embark on our forever life changing experience together  …

        When I decided to take on the challenge of  doing a book about StayHigh 149, there were many who questioned my interest and motives.  After all, I am a young woman who didn’t grow up in the era when Graffiti Art reigned supreme.  For me, my initial interest was sparked by the story itself.  A man who changed the art world, disappeared for twenty years then it seemed he magically returned to the place where it all began.  The Bronx, 149th Street    However my initial interest began, the journey that I took while learning of the life of Wayne Roberts opened my eyes to so much more.  I grew to love this unusual man, his style and his story.  I wanted his life to be immortalized in history.  The best way for me to do that was to embark on this dedication to everything he is and everything he stands for.

Throughout the process of gathering unknown or shared stories on the legend, I found that he is not only aware of the world in such a profound way, but he still maintains a zest for life that many of us crave to have.  His excitement and pure happiness about his passion, catching tags wherever he still could sneak a smoker, and the joy it brought when he is being recognized by young followers.  I found him to be a true artist and an amazing human being.

In the course of our many meetings we would wander the streets of New York, stroll through parks, go to art stores for supplies.  He always gave the impression that he hadn’t a care in the world, and perhaps, he doesn’t.  But for me these trips were sometimes speckled with unjust pain as I would witness the way people treated him just because he didn’t  fit the mold.  I felt people also looking at me in a different way, perhaps wondering what a young woman like myself was doing with this man, who clearly was so different from me.  He didn’t look like a clean or healthy man, in fact, he looked more like a hard core Bronx bomber who definitely didn’t belong with a young white girl like me.  The experience was quite humbling and I was able to see that when people always look down on you, it is hard to pick yourself up and be above them.  When the world purposely tries to hold you down, it will probably keep you down, as it does to many struggling but remarkable people everyday.

Whatever I gave to Wayne during the process of making this book come alive, he gave back to me in every way he could.  I cherish his presence and without him ever knowing, he has taught me so many valuable life lessons.


Most people will only ever know Stay High 149 as the “Voice of the Ghetto” or Wayne Roberts.  I feel so fortunate to now know the man that lies behind the moniker.


“WOO WOO”, all of this is for YOU, Mister Cool, it is time for you to see the effect you made on so many peoples’ lives by being the only thing you know how to be: fresh to death and funky as funky can get!

All Love always… Stay Up

Sky  Farrell